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Jephson Robb (b.1970 Glasgow) is a Scottish artist, best known for his large-scale conceptual public works of art.

Robb has created landmark sculptures and installations across Scotland. He has also produced works which have toured in international exhibitions and has a piece, Cries ad Whispers, in the Musuem of Modern Art’s permanent collection in New York.

He received his first public commission from the Scottish Arts Council in 2005 to deliver Golden Age, for which he created a seven metre diameter disc of pure gold leaf applied to the ancient harbour of Pittenweem. His most recent works include two sculptures commissioned by the NHS to stand in the grounds of Glasgow's Gartnavel Royal Hospital, and Known and Unknown, an international memorial to the victims of asbestos.

His ambitious works push the boundaries of materials and processes; he has cast bronzes on a huge scale, polished stainless steel to a mirror finish and had gold leaf applied by hand to a large exterior concrete surface. Meticulous in his choice of materials, he combines the skills and concepts of a fine art practice with the technology of contemporary design.

The result is a series of large-scale sophisticated works of art, which are often derived from some of the most basic geometric shapes. By using these universally-recognised forms Robb creates sculptures which are accessible, but which are also based on complex enquiries into the human condition and the nature of human relationships. They have the capacity to make people pause and look again, and benefit from extended looking.

Robb's sculptures centre around the heart and the circle, exploring the liminal spaces between the celestial and terrestrial, heavenly and earthly, contemplating the spiritual in a material world.  

He is involved with every stage of a project, from the initial creative ideas through to working directly with engineers, foundries and fabricators to produce the work, as well as being present when the finished artwork is being installing in its specific site.

Robb read economics and economic history at the University of Glasgow. The legacy of this education can be seen in his sculptures, which often draw on economic ideas. He later moved on to study design at the Royal College of Art, London, under Ron Arad, a pioneer of the design-art movement. Since graduating in 2003, he has focused on developing his sculptural practice.



  GOLDEN AGE 2005 Goldleaf 7m / 23ft Diameter Pittenweem, Scotland.


7m / 23ft Diameter
Pittenweem, Scotland.

TEMPLE 2003 Fiberglass 2.1m / 6.6ft Diameter  

2.1m / 6.6ft Diameter


  CRIES AND WHISPERS 2003 Felt Permanent Collection MoMA NYC


Permanent Collection MoMA NYC