Hessian Sandbags, Sand, Community Spirit
H 5m
Portobello Beach, Edinburgh

If you took a trip to Portobello Beach during the 2007 Edinburgh International Arts Festival you would be forgiven for thinking you had just arrived in Giza as you would have seen the ambitious and temporary installation Wonder which took the form of three 5 meter high pyramids created from 15,000 sandbags.

Scientists at The Royal Observatory of Edinburgh wanted to know if Carl Sagan’s claim was true so they set about counting the total number of stars in the sky with a very powerful telescope. After some clever mathematics they discover that not only was his claim true but that there are in fact ten times “more stars in the sky than grains of sand on all the deserts and beaches in the entire world”. Mesmerized by this Jephson wanted to create a sense of wonder along the seashore and reconnect the local community with the sand below and stars above.

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For images and details of the projects production and installation please click here.