Stainless Steel - Bright mirror polished and shot blast
D 2.5m
Gartnavel Royal Hospital
Glasgow, Scotland.


In 1814 it was believed that mental illness was caused by the moon, hence the origins of the word Lunatic, the origin of which comes from the Latin word, Luna, which means moon. The motto of the Gartnavel Royal Hospitals motto - Reluceat, also latin, means “let there be light, again”. 

Sun and Moon considers the dualities of life, the light of day and dark of night expressing notions of dual mental states. The sculpture is circular in shape, the Moon side has several mirror polished concave circular dishes, which have the affect of turning the viewer upside down and reflecting them many times. The Sun side gives a unified right way up reflection to represent good mental health.  


The British Journal of Psychiatry - November 2015 cover